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Corporate storyteller, host, and engagement strategist Shaun Derik has dedicated his career to helping all dreamers reconnect with their passion and natural-born gifts. Shaun uses music, movement, and storytelling to move his listeners from “IDEA” to “I DID IT.” He is the creator and facilitator of Saying Something Inc., where programs are designed to encourage all participants,from students to staff members, to live a life worth talking about. Shaun’s expertise in effective client engagement derives from his 15 years of experience in youth development, 8 years in prevention, and 6 years in corporate team building and philanthropic event planning.

The Hard Part Show

“The Hard Part Show” is a commanding, motivational web series that merges humor, intrigue, and inspiration in an innovative way. Imagine needing a boost from a close buddy to start your week. Just think of Shaun Derik as your buddy… who just happens to be a kick-ass motivational speaker in real life! Viewers write in with questions and Shaun Derik answers them on screen.


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15+ years experience 200K + Followers 25 Mil Views Spoken to over 700,000 people in person
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